So, I was reading the news today, and came across this story. It states:

THE NSW Federal Court has not ruled out the possibility that an ISP could be in direct breach of copyright laws if it provides internet service to individuals that illegally share files on peer-to-peer networks.
A group of copyright holders represented by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) put the claim to the court as a part of its copyright case against Perth-headquartered ISP iiNet.

Most of AFACT’s original claims against iiNet lodged with the court last year were based on allegations that the ISP indirectly breached their members’ copyright. They alleged that iiNet effectively encouraged customers to engage in copyright breaches by failing to take steps to block illegal file sharing activity on its network.

However, on February 19, AFACT lodged an amended statement of claim to the court containing new allegations that iiNet engaged in primary acts of copyright infringement alongside illegal file sharers simply by carrying the data through its network and systems.

(bold by me)

This is totally stupid! Why should an ISP be responsible for the data it's carrying? Why is the electricity company not responsible? They're supplying the power to the systems mentioned, so they also provide services to people that illegally share files. What about the building company that built the houses/offices? They're responsible for housing the systems.

The thing is, ISPs don't know what the data being transferred on their network actually is. Much like the postal service... When you send a letter to someone, they don't open your letter and read it, they just send it. If I send you a terrible analogy that makes you think "oh my God, this guy needs to take lessons on writing", that's not Australia Post's issue. The postal service, and the ISP, are just transport agents. They send mesages from one location to another, but are not responsible for the contents of the messages. Saying that the ISP is responsible for illegal file sharers because their network is being used is like saying that VicRoads is responsible for criminals, because they're driving their cars on the roads. Clearly, this makes absolutely no sense. If you go to VicRoads and tell them to put tollbooths on the roads to identify every person driving to make sure they're not a criminal, they'd laugh at you. The ISPs should be doing the same thing — This is exactly what's being asked of them.

Also, the article said that the ISP would be responsible if "it provides internet service to individuals that illegally share files on peer-to-peer networks". How are they meant to know that individuals illegally share files? Note that ISPs already disconnect users they get copyright complaints about (how users are caught is a different issue altogether... Fake torrents and similar things. Might blog about this eventually). There's really no other way for them to know who illegally shares files. This sentence makes it sound like they want ISPs to add a "Do you illegally share files" tickbox on the registration form. :P

And also, as Aaron mentioned on his blog, "copyright theft" makes no sense. The term they're actually looking for is "copyright infringement". But, they seem to barely know what they're doing, so I guess the use of a nonsensical term makes sense in whatever magical land they're living in. A land where there's no Peer-to-Peer networks, and everyone pays for the latest crappy music albums and TV shows and whatever else exists. For now, the rest of us live in reality, where none of this filtering is possible.

— Daniel

Well, back to posting coding-related blog posts, for now anyways :P. Seeing as a lot of people seem to be confused by Object Oriented Programming, I thought I'd post a quick (or maybe not so quick) post about what OOP is, the main features, and how it can benefit you. This is paraphrased from an assignment I had on OOP last semester at university. I use C# code examples throughout this, but the concepts are very similar in other languages. Note that in this post, I assume you know the basics of programming, and just want to learn more about object orientation.

Now, let's begin looking at what OOP actually means. At its core, the Object Oriented paradigm consists of classes and objects. A class is a “thing” or entity that has a purpose, and an object is an instance of this entity. For example, a Car would be a class, and my car would be an object (instance of the Car class).

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So, umm, yeah, I don't blog often. You've probably noticed. Seriously, look at the "Archives" widget on the right (or left, depending on what stylesheet you've chosen for this site) and you'll see there's basically nothing since 2007. I really just don't have much to write, haha. I eventually want to write a page about me for the homepage here, but I guess my MySpace and Facebook profiles are serving that purpose right now. In any case, my sister has a blog, which you should all go read. Unlike me, she has a talent for writing, and I promise you that her blog is a lot more exciting than mine. Go subscribe to her too. And send her lots of spam (well, okay, maybe not the spam, but do all the other things. :P ). Also, check out my friend Ben's new blog ""

While I'm on the topic of blogs (including this one), it's interesting thing to note, my "37 things a girl probably doesn’t know about a guy" blog post is still by far the most popular/accessed. And it wasn't even mine, it was just copied and pasted from a MySpace bulletin. Maybe one day I'll write something similar, with my own thoughts on it. I guess. Speaking of random stuff that gets passed around, I keep getting tagged in those "12/20/38/50/100/whatever Things About Me" notes on Facebook, haven't done any yet though. I suppose I might do one of those one day. It's hard to think of that many things about myself, though. And I also try to avoid those chain things anyways. But one day someone will be like "OMG DANIEL YOU HAVEN'T DONE THOSE ANNOYING CHAIN THINGS, I HATE YOU LALALALALALA RAWRRRRRR" and I'll be like "OH FINE >_<" and do it. :P

So anyways, what's been up with me, apart from avoiding chain "random stuff about me" Facebook forwards?? Well, Valentines Day came and went... I bought my amazing friend Ciera some flowers and a valentines day teddy... She loves them both :D. I wanted to do something special, seeing as this year's the first year I've considered buying something for someone :P. Apart from that, I haven't been doing all that much. Over the last few weeks, I worked on a few programming projects, then got bored of that and stopped working on them xD. Nothing much apart from that, just the usual chatting on Windows Live Messenger, and browsing Digg,, and some other sites.

I go back to university on Monday... Second year of Professional Software Development at Swinburne University, should be fun :). No usability this semester! Although I reeeeeeeeeeally hope that we don't have a subject that's as bad as Usability was, HIT2308 Software Development Practices looks like it'll be just as bad as Usability :'(. And I have that THIS SEMESTER. We'll have to see if it's bad. I blame you (yes, whoever's reading this) if it is. You're evil :(

For now, I'll leave you with this video clip by GoRemy:

<3 GoRemy

And here is a remix of "Break Up" by Kim Sozzi that I started at the start of January:
[wpaudio url=""]
Here's the MP3, if you want it (not that you would, it's not too good :P)

Well, that's all for now. Have fun browsing your internets.
— Daniel

Okay, so a lot of people read my blog post about my MySpace account getting deleted for reporting a security issue. Well it appears someone named Joe from MySpace's Security Enforcement division read that post, and contacted me via email. He was able to restore my account, so I now have a working MySpace account again, and someone to report security issues to :)

So, yeah, things are all good now. Just thought I'd write a short post about this. :D
— Daniel

As you might have read on my blog, I recently reported a security issue to MySpace. Instead of getting a "thank you for informing us of this problem" (which was all I wanted... I was aiming for MySpace to make their site safer, not for any publicity or anything :P), they deleted my account. The security hole I reported was patched though, so I guess that's good. I'm still annoyed at the deletion though. All my test accounts got deleted, but suprisingly my music account wasn't.

Anyways, I've found another security hole today. Not another XSS hole, this is a different security hole with some privacy implications. So, the way that I see it, I have a few options regarding what I can do at this point:

  1. Do "the right thing" and report it to them again. Probably getting my remaining accounts deleted in the process (I have a new personal profile, and my music profile that wasn't deleted).
  2. Tell someone else and get them to report it on my behalf.
  3. Ignore it and hope they fix it themselves.
  4. Post it to a security/"hackers" website.

Obviously, the last one is not something I'd usually do, I'm just not that type of person. However, if someone were to do something like that, assuming it's posted anonymously, nothing bad would happen. So, the thing that's the most "correct" (reporting it to them) would get punished (as my previous reported security hole showed), whereas the thing that's "wrong" (posting it to a security site) wouldn't. Isn't it obvious what most people would do? How funny.

— Daniel

MySpace Facebook layout screenshot
Hey everyone,
I got bored today and thought it might be fun to make a MySpace profile layout that looks like Facebook. Considering I'm not a designer, I'm rather happy with how it turned out. There's a screenshot to the right, click on it to see a full-size version. I haven't tested in Internet Explorer, but that shouldn't be much of an issue, as most people are using better browsers... Right?

Want to use it?

Please feel free to use this layout on your profile. The only thing I ask is that you keep the credit (Layout by Daniel15) on the page, and in the CSS code itself.

Here's what you need to do if you want to use this layout on your MySpace profile. You should probably already know how to use a MySpace Profile 2.0 layout, but here's a brief overview:

  1. This layout is a profile 2.0 layout. If you haven't already, you'll have to upgrade to MySpace Profile 2.0. This can be done by clicking the "Customise Profile" link in the "Profile" dropdown menu.
  2. Go to the "Customise Profile" page.
  3. Click "Select Theme" and choose the blank one.
  4. Click "Change Layout" and choose a page width of 960px, and the layout with two columns.
  5. Click "CSS" and paste the CSS code into the box.
  6. Click "Change Layout" again (or any other option. You need to leave the CSS tab and go to another one for it to save the CSS settings).
  7. Click "Publish"

Here is the CSS (click)

If you don't like the header, and would prefer the default MySpace one, delete everything between {! Begin header - Remove this section if you want the normal MySpace header !} and {! End header !}

Note I'm giving limited support for this layout. I can try to help you with bugs in the layout itself, but can't help you with anything beyond that. Having said that, please feel free to leave a comment if you find any issues with the layout.

— Daniel

A while back, I reported a security problem to MySpace. Being a nice person, I thought I'd email them and wait for a reply before telling anyone else (I thought I was the only one to find this problem, but it appears a few others knew of it too. I didn't know this until later). I have reported a few problems to MySpace in the past, and they usually took around two weeks or so to reply. Sure, their reply was something generic, but it was a reply at least. Anyways, back to this story. So, after writing to them, I waited two weeks. Didn't hear anything back from them. A month, still didn't hear anything. So I thought that as a month had passed, I may as well report the security hole to a security site. I wrote to, and after a small wait they published an article on it.

Today, I try to log in to my account, and it didn't work. Interesting, I was sure I was typing the correct password. I go to use the "Forgot your password?", and it says my email is invalid. So that's it, they've deleted my account. For me, MySpace was a way to keep in touch with old friends I otherwise wouldn't be able to talk to. And now they've deleted my account. So, they deleted my account for reporting a security issue and showing them a harmless example, yet people that actively try to attack MySpace accounts still have active accounts? This makes no sense, if anything they should be thanking me for finding the bug on their site, and being nice enough not to do anything evil with it. It's totally unfair. Just before deleting the account, I had 467 friends, 1991 comments, 2300 messages, and just over 19000 profile views. I have no clue what's going to happen to my Windows Live Messenger MySpace app, an application that now has around 51,000 users. Whatever, I'm done with MySpace now. I made a new account but don't really care about it any more. Add me on Facebook.


Oh, and was my old account. In case anyone searches for it in Google.

Update 9th February 2009: My MySpace account is back. Take a look at my blog post about it.

Update: I've found someone to take over. No more emails about this, please :)

Hey everyone,
I'm still looking for someone to take over development of my Facebook "Flash Embed" application. It allows you to embed animations, games, and videos (eg. YouTube videos) on your Facebook profile. I don't have time to develop it, and am looking for someone to take over development and make the app work properly with the "new" Facebook layout. The app is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.

Please contact me if you're interested.

Because I couldn't find the lyrics of this song anywhere, I typed it up myself. :P

Here's the song:
Edit: imeem is gone :(. Find the song on YouTube instead.

[Verse 1]

Come and look into my heart
And you'll find me in your dreams
And soon you'll be my gift of love
It's just me and you
Reaching through your every thought
Is it always what it seems?
But I will never leave your side
It's just you and me

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So, I haven't blogged for a while... Mainly due to real-life getting in the way. Yeah, real life gets like that sometimes, it's rather annoying :P . That, and the fact that I'm lazy - I won't really do anything unless I'm forced to (or force myself to). Well actually, most people are like this, it's just very few seem to admit it. And realisation is the first step to admitting you have a problem, right? :P . And I haven't really had anything to blog about either. Aaaand this blog has approximately 0 readers. I don't think anyone is even reading what I'm writing right now. If you're one of the 0 readers, then HELLOOOOOOOO TO YOOOOOOUUUUUU!!! I have a cookie for you, come and get it before I eat it.

Well anyways, enough of my stupid rambling... my first year of University is finally over, and geez did the time pass quickly :| ! It was generally enjoyable, way way more so than high school was. University life is completely different to high school, in a sense it's a lot more relaxed. Some people take advantage of this and try to breeze through Uni without studying... And end up dropping out :P. I tried concentrating in class (moreso than last year at high school), but in the end I just ended up not paying attention at all, and rushing all my last assignments (isn't this the case with everyone?). Results day is 13th December 2008, so I guess I'll be worrying about my results until then. There's one... no, wait, two things I really hated though:

1. Exams!

Okay, sure, everyone hates exams. Me moreso than most I reckon. I seriously HATE HATE HATE exams. On a scale from 1 to OMG I HATE THIS, it'd be on the very end. Seriously. They drive me crazy. Crazier than I normally am, and that's a LOT. :o I seem to often forget everything and have a whole heap of stuff rush back to me at the last minute. I hate it, haha. At least these exams aren't as bad as the Year 12 English Exam (or maybe Usability is that bad... I'll get to that in a bit)
And especially one of my subjects was a subject about website development using HTML. We had to write HTML (yes, by hand) in the exam. Seriously, what is that testing? Most (hell, all) normal web developers always have references handy (HTML for Dummies, Complete All-In-One Website Reference, Garfield comic strips out of their local news paper, whatever), they don't need to know all HTML stuff off the top of their head (and certainly don't need to write it on paper). But this subject was nowhere near as bad as everyone's enemy:

2. Usability

Falling over might be enjoyable. Jumping off a cliff could potentially be enjoyable. But this, usability, this subject is not enjoyable at all, it's literally the worst subject. Ever. Well maybe not really, but it's boring. Most of the class was common knowledge (you know, things like "red writing on a green background looks fugly", "make sure users find your software interface easy to use", and "don't stab people"). I'm hoping we don't get more subjects that are as annoying as this one was. If we do, I'm stabbing someone with a red and green paper. An easy-to-use one.

Go-karts? Did someone mention go-karts? Oh yeah, it was an idea I had when I was around 8 years old or so. I had this amazingly awesome (and by "amazingly awesome" I mean "it sounded good at the time") idea to build a go-kart that goes along the tram lines (anyone not living in Melbourne should look up "Melbourne Trams" on Wikipedia to see these mythical "tram" thingies I'm talking about). But basically, trams are a form of public transportation here, a form of light rail. The streets have tram lines in the middle of the street, kinda like a train line except it's on the road instead of being separate. Trams have overhead powerlines, which is what gave me this idea. Instead of the go-kart needing petrol or a battery, it could simply use the power the trams are using. Although now I realise several downfalls with this:

  • The go-kart would only be able to go down certain paths. Not all streets have tram lines (while a lot of the streets in the CBD have tram lines, not many suburban streets do). This would restricts its mobility
  • It'd need this giant stick thing coming off of it to reach the power. Kinda like a dodgem car
  • Legalities - Would it be legal to "steal" the tram's power? What if you hold up the trams? I can imagine my go-kart breaking down and screaming "GO AROUND!" at the trams :P
  • Some fourth downfall that I've forgotten
  • I like turtles

So what else can I say? There's not much really, my life's pretty boring right now. Oh yes, my girlfriend and I broke up, I guess just things weren't working out. So yeah, I'm single again. And no I'm not looking for a girlfriend at the moment, so don't bother asking (unless you like the feeling of being rejected I guess) xD. I guess that made me realise a lot more about myself, who I am and exactly what I'm looking for. I made a special friend that I'm very similar and now extremely close to, it's like we're soulmates or something. She knows who she is, and I'm pretty certain she'd be reading this (maybe she's the one of the 0 readers :o ) :). As a person I've changed pretty significantly over the past year or so (especially in the last few months), and it really seems like a pretty good thing. But I'll save all of this for another blog post, this one's getting rather long. I should try to blog more about life I guess, it's something I like writing about. If you look through the firsts posts to this blog, they were pretty geeky. Then again, I've become way less geeky (still do programming though), haha :P . It all fits in to the whole "change" thing.

Oh, and for anyone from Australia, the NoCleanFeed protests are on the 13th December (same as Swinburne results day!). For more information take a look at The protests in Melbourne are going to be at the state library, and I might be going, I'm not sure yet. Perhaps you want some No Clean Feed Posters, thanks to my friend Joseph. :D

Well that's all for now...
Oh and btw, the cookie's all gone. Sorry about that.

Until next time :)
- Daniel

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